Aborti spontanei dopo il vaccino! E’ iniziato il massacro.


You may remember that about a year ago, both Howard (Straus) and I were on the show of the popular and active health broadcaster, Sherry Beall, in Los Angeles.  On this call-in show, we even had the well-known baseball player, Shaye Ramont, calling in about his recovery on the Gerson Therapy.  

Today, Sherry had another one of her regular and much followed health shows on the radio, in L.A.  She had journalist Gary Null on the show as well and it was a blockbuster.  They discussed the terrible problems of the N1H1 vaccinations, and the constant push on having pregnant women and children vaccinated first!  "The authorities" even warned the public that opponents would claim that the vaccinations could cause miscarriages, and that it was all propaganda.  Well, Sherry and Gary Null had a lot to say about that – but most important, about a dozen women called in and said that within hours after receiving the vaccine, they lost their baby, had a miscarriage!  They reported to the doctor who, with a straight face, claimed that the vaccine had nothing to do with it — that it was a pure co-incidence!  Obviously they had known about exactly that situation ahead of time – because the other problem was that several of the women originally refused the be vaccinated.  So the doctor "warned" them that they would lose their health insurance if they didn’t take it!!  (And when you are pregnant you will need health insurance for the baby’s delivery in hospital, medical care, etc.)  So the women were threatened into agreeing to it!  Whether the insurances could be cancelled or not, of course, doesn’t matter…..  And you will also remember that during the Bush administration, a law was passed that the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine could not be sued for any possible problem!  (The deaths, paralyses and long-term diseases that followed the vaccinations in 1978 were huge….and were thus avoided.)        

I can’t imagine that this can go on, that there is no organized opposition.        

You may have heard that the minister of Health in Poland has ordered all these vaccinations stopped.  She stated that the vaccine was not properly tested and not proved to be safe.  As a result, it was reported that she is under severe pressure (most likely financial from the pharmaceutical companies); but she is holding out.