Libro passi nel silenzio


Italian Version – passi nel silenzio ( di filippo baglini)



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By small steps the world of Filippo Baglini surprises us, it is a universemade of fresh feelings, delicate emotions, worried questions. 

The poet from Lucca questions himself about the deep sense of life, on therelationships, on the meetings that accompany him. Love, nature, the sense ofbelonging to his own land, but also the impetus, the passion and the courage ofshouting his own truth across the pages, with the authenticity of a voice thatstill manages to surprise us, never tired to look for the unknown moment,hidden behind the usual routine. The vast desert full of possibilities is thelocus of Baglini’s choices, that, by surveyingthe unpredictable, suggests us visions, weaves plots, enchants us. 

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Filippo Baglini                Steps in the silence

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Dott. Filippo Baglini was born in Italy  July 1974 (Toscany – Pietrasanta), a land of artists and writers.  Nuclear physical , journalist and writer, founder and manager of the independent cultural magazine italoeuropeo. com in London, Editor Nuj (Nationl union journalist  in Uk), member cultural Accademy Apulia in London, member of the British Italian Society. Now he lives in London for personal choice.

 At theage of 10 years old he started to write poems and stories. In 2003 he graduatedin physics in Pisa. Nowadays he writes for some local newspapers. In year 2000he decided to design and form a newspaper of culture and depth,  “L’Italoeuropeo”( that collects lots of consensus also abroad. He is the president of the“Associazione Culturale Italoeuropea” in London.  

In 2003 he graduated in physics at the University of Pisa; while pursuinghis scientific studies he has followed courses in theology and philosophy,which have enabled him to enrich his cultural background in thehumanities. 

In order to pay for his university studies he has played guitar in some pubsand bars. 

The passion for culture and communication has pushed him to gain experiencein some local and national newspapers. 

In year 2000 he decided to form  “L’ italoeuropeo” ( thecultural European newspaper for Italian people in Europe, which gained straightaway consensus also abroad, hoping that it could become a newspaper foreverybody, where everybody can share and bring a contribution for the birth ofa new, free and independent information. His articles have been named and takenby many other sites and newspapers. 

Many define him as a poet, but he does not like this definition, he prefersto be considered as a thinker, an observer ‘of life’ 

He says about himself: “ By writing I can dig better inside myself and toget out my emotions better than I can do in person….” 

He is also president of the “Associazione Culturale ItaloEuropea” thatpromotes cultural initiatives abroad. Following awards and recognitions. in 2009 and /2010 he won the “mention of honour” of theinternational award of poetry and writing in Australia. 

His first book “steps in the silence”, which contains a collection ofpoems  and a  novel entitled “the garden of smiles”  hasappeared in bookshops and is present at the international fair of Torino,London, Switzerland, Australia and Spain.

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The editorial line of Boopen  POETRY 

Filippo Baglini                Steps in the silence ( £10/ – 10 euro)