Il caso di Alessandro e Maria- In scena Luca Barbareschi-


 odd rerun of a story which has already taken place a two act comedy by Giorgio Gaber and Sandro Luporini with Luca Barbareschi  and Chiara Noschese Live music by Marco Zarzuolo BandDirected by Luca Barbareschi A small chamber musical for four big protagonists.Luca Barbareschi, kaleidoscopic and remarkable in his roles of director, actor and singer, brings to the stage an unusual script by cult author Giorgio Gaber.Unexpected interactions between everyday life and dream are given shape and voice: Alessandro (played by Barbareschi), torn by the dilemma of “being” and “being there”, and Maria (Chiara Noschese), with her joy of existing and her sadness for never being in any place, fight, talk and yet are not communicating; they tease each other, play around and sing together.